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Medicare for Washington Residents

Navigating the world of Medicare can be daunting, but we’re here to help make the process simple. At Yeh’s Insurance Services, we work with multiple carriers to provide personalized healthcare planning for individuals, families, and small businesses. Our Medicare and health insurance consultants have years of experience working with individuals, families, and small businesses and are confident in providing the most suitable plan for you.

Since healthcare needs varies depending on the client’s age, health conditions, and prescription needs, we work to incorporate all healthcare and financial needs. And beyond the offerings themselves, finding the right coverage begins with working closely with you to assess and evaluate your specific healthcare needs.

With Yeh’s Insurance services, we focus on finding the right solution for you. Our promise is to educate you and be able to give you a peace of mind knowing that you have made an informed decision to keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

We work with multiple carriers to provide truly personalized healthcare planning:

Medicare Advantage Plans

We can help you choose a Medicare Advantage plan that offers an alternative way to get your Medicare Part A and Part B coverages. Depending on your needs and carrier, coverage varies, but in many cases, those plans may also cover your prescription drug, dental, hearing, and vision needs. Not sure exactly what you need? No worries – we’ll work hand-in-hand with you to determine your specific healthcare goals and find the Medicare Advantage plan that helps you achieve them.


Medicare Supplement plans are a way to help pay some or all out- of- pocket expenses such as coinsurance, copayments, and deductibles. Our Medicare specialists can look at your plan to identify any gaps you may have efficiently and then find a Medicare Supplement plan that can ensure that the full range of health needs are covered.

Prescription Drug Plans (Part D)

Getting the prescriptions that you need can be costly without the proper coverage. We’ll take a look at your prescriptions and preferred pharmacy providers to complete an exhaustive analysis of your needs. Then, we’ll put in the work to research the most cost-effective and comprehensive profile for your Part D coverage.

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Meet Dean Yeh

Dean has been helping individuals, families, and small businesses with healthcare needs since 2015. He always has a passion in finance and interested in learning about financial knowledge and how money works. He witnessed his own family struggle to enroll in Medicare insurance. He realized his family’s struggle stemmed from lack of guidance from financial professionals who understand how Medicare Insurance works and which plans to select. Dean then realized that he could use his skill to help others to get the right coverage and ensure that their medical needs are secure for the future. That is what guided his determination to become a licensed agent. Now, he helps other individuals and families who needed guidance in finding the insurance that caters to their needs.

Health Insurance

Health insurance provides a safeguard in the event of illnesses or serious accidents. The protection can save you from lofty unexpected costs that have to do with your health needs.
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Long-Term Care Insurance

Long-term care insurance offers many different services that aren’t generally covered by your regular health insurance. It caters to more extensive health needs and offers financial assistance with daily routine needs like bathing, mobility, and more.
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Life Insurance

Planning for the future means thinking about the end of your life as well. Life insurance not only offers the standard financial protection for your loved ones but also peace of mind for you in knowing that they’ll be cared for.
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Retirement Services

Retirement services can help you determine your goals after working life and how you can financially achieve them. From implementing savings programs to identifying sources of income to managing your current assets, we can help make sure that your retirement plan is both comprehensively designed and
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